MangustaRisk specialises in financial risks measurement, analysis and management (risk management), in the implementation of quantitative strategies, in portfolio management optimization (asset allocation), in asset managers selection and performance evaluation (performance measurement, attribution and manager selection).
MangustaRisk combines financial markets and investment products expertise with the implementation of statistical, econometric and financial research.

The primary objective is to offer a technical and independent support to the management with regards to the implementation of efficient and secure investment strategies.

MangustaRisk only deals with Institutional Investors such as: Pension Funds, Banking Foundations, Endowments Funds, Sovran-national Organizations, Corporate Treasuries and any kind of institution with a medium to long term investment horizon.

MangustaRisk is an independent company, which is not held by and/or has no holding in Banks or other Financial Institutions. Likewise there is no agreement of any kind for selling, promoting or distributing financial products between MangustaRisk, or its partners, and any financial company. MangustaRisk and its professionals do not propose or solicit the purchase of any financial product or adhesion to any investment fund. Their focus is exclusively on the study and application of quantitative analysis and consultancy on portfolio optimization strategies.

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